05 June 2007 at 8:43 PM EST

Standing Ovation

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I was about to leave... but, surprisingly, the Tanc got another response in. It was about immigration. The Tanc gets a chance, and he does well.

*** post-debate transcript insertion ***

MR. BLITZER: Thank you, Governor.

Congressman Tancredo, would you advertise for your campaign in Spanish? Specifically, I’m referring to the highly publicized comment you recently made that Miami was like a third world country.

REP. TANCREDO: Right. Yeah, exactly. No, I would not advertise in Spanish. Believe me when I tell you this, English — the preservation of the English language is important for us for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is because it is what holds us together. It is the glue that keeps a country together, any country. Bilingual countries don’t work, and we should not encourage it.

And even in the bill that Senator McCain is pushing, he says that he supports English-only — or official English. Doesn’t go on to tell you, that of course he says that we’re going to codify President Clinton’s original plan, original executive order signed that said all papers produced by the government have to be in various languages. No, it is absolutely wrong. English is the language of this country, and you know what, we should not be ashamed of that. It’s a good thing and it holds us all together regardless of where we come from —

MR. BLITZER: Thank you.

REP. TANCREDO: — regardless of our backgrounds, our histories, it doesn’t matter. We need that thing to hold us together.

MR. BLITZER: All right, thank you, Congressman. (Applause.)

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Dear Mr. Tancredo,

I am concerned after hearing only once a small blip discussing illegals voting in our elections!!!!

As most USA citizens know,the way to serve on Jury duty is to register to vote---well, apparently, we have a lot of illegals being identified when called for jury duty!

I want to know the statistics of the percentage of illegals and if they have already affected the outcome of our elections!!!!

To add to Ms. Mclaughlin's comment: I've asked my Senators and Representative if they have any idea if those who contact them on any given issue are citizens or not. For example, those who contact them in support of the immigration bill. I have yet to receive any answer to this question. My thoughts on the specific question from Vicki: If even one non-citizen votes, it's one too many. TANCREDO '08

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