20 June 2007 at 9:23 AM EST

Let Bloomberg Enter the Presidential Race

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Now that Bloomberg left the GOP, it fuels speculation that he may enter the presidential race as a high profile third party. His aides said some of his goals would be to address the "major issues — global warming, immigration, a crackdown on illegal guns" (emphasis added).

If Bloomberg enters the race for the presidency -- let him. He'll spend millions more than any candidate highlighting the issue of immigration, as his aides described. Immigration stays in the spotlight. And when immigration enters the minds of the American people, they will think Tancredo. It only helps this campaign.

edit (9:37 AM EST): A recent Rasmussen poll: "Seventy-seven percent (77%) of Arizona voters say that is Very Important for “the government to improve its enforcement of the borders and reduce illegal immigration." When immigration is in the spotlight, the public will think critically about immigration, place it high on a list of the most important issues facing America, and then, most likely, vote in our favor -- not in the favor of some amnesty politician.

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Mayor Bloomberg supports amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

Rep. Tancredo is a leader and a patriot. Mayor Bloomberg is a panderer and a sellout.

Here is a link to an October 24, 2003, NewsMax article entitled "Mayor Bloomberg Blacklists DeLay, Tancredo, Other Republicans": http://www.newsmax.com/archives/ic/2003/10/24/125836.shtml.

Below is a portion of that article:

Mayor Bloomberg Blacklists DeLay, Tancredo, Other Republicans

Democrat billionaire Michael Bloomberg didn't want to compete in the Dems' tough mayoral primary in New York City, so he claimed to be a Republican after suddenly and miraculously seeing the light.

And what sort of "Republican" is the tax-crazed, fanatically anti-smoking mayor? His latest stunt is creating an enemies list of congressmen who are actual Republicans: House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, immigration whistle-blowers Tom Tancredo of Colorado and Charlie Norwood of Georgia, and Mark Kennedy of Minnesota.

And oh, is the fallout nasty.

"If Mayor Bloomberg spent as much time on the economy as he spends making lists, New York City would be much better off," Tancredo's spokesman noted.

"At a press conference, Bloomberg cited DeLay as having promoted an anti-New York transportation measure and a Bloomberg aide later provided The Post with the names of the other three congressmen on the mayor's hit list," the New York Post reported today.

More Pandering to Illegal Aliens

"Aides said Bloomberg blackballed Tancredo and Norwood for bills targeting illegal aliens and Kennedy was hit for legislation that would cut Amtrak funding."

His "honor," who will be host of the GOP's national convention next summer, says New Yorkers should not give any campaign contributions to the four congressmen.

Let Bloomberg enter the race. He will be even more pathetic than John Anderson was in 1980.

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