29 June 2007 at 6:44 PM EST

In Des Moines - Live Blogging Now

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I made it on standby to Des Moines at around 4:30 PM from Memphis. So I'm here and live blogging resumes!

Des Moines Arrive

Tonight at 6 PM, or in about 15 minutes, Congressman Tancredo will give a town hall meeting at the Quality Inn & Suites Events Center in Des Moines (929 - 3rd Street).

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Welcome back to Iowa!
I have to work on Saturday but will try and catch up with you at one of Sunday's events if possible.

According to an article in the New York Time Senator Dianne Feinstein said "she would seek to revive AgJobs in coming months by attaching it to other legislation."

Therefore it seemed that Tancredo might be asked about that program. The New York Times article is here:

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