05 June 2007 at 8:26 PM EST

Finally Got One In

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It was a good answer about energy conservation and conservative principles.

*** post-debate transcript insertion ***

MR. BLITZER: All right. Thank you very much, Governor.

Congressman Tancredo, do you believe true conservatives should be doing more to protect the environment?

REP. TANCREDO: Yeah. The — I think that that’s absolutely imperative, and I think so because frankly, you’ve got a conservative model to pick from. I mean, you know, Teddy Roosevelt after all put the stamp on that — the whole issue of conserving the environment, creating the national parks system. There is nothing anti- conservative about doing anything like that.

And you know what else you can do in order to foster that, you do it through conservative principles. You make it profitable for people to do exactly that — to put — to make conservation an issue that is — it hurts people in the pocketbook, or they can profit by getting involved in conservation. That’s one way the free market really works perfectly. We’ve seen it happen all over the world.

We can see and we will put conservation to work — conservation practices to work in the United States through conservative principles. We have a lock on that.

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