05 June 2007 at 8:26 PM EST

CNN = Unfair

Posted by Mike Tate in Presidential Debate in New Hampshire at Saint Anselm College | Comments (10) | Permalink

Wolf Blitzer's clearly lost control of this debate. All these other guys are now giving speeches ... not answers to questions.

Anyway.... what more is there to say? This thing is so catered to the top three guys.

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I completely agree with Mike's statement. I've stopped watching the "debate". I'll check back later, or maybe tomorrow...

Totally agree! All the candidates but Tom obviously can't understand RULES, which of course should disqualify them immediately as candidates! Tom had the only yes or no answer with the Scooter Libby pardon answer. (I disagree, however, because I believe pardons should be abandoned, unless ALL citizens are considered, not just political figures!)

Tell me about it. I saw the first five minutes of the debate and I could see that it was scripted. It makes me ill and angry.

I totally agree. In my book the top candidates are Tom, Duncan, and Huckabee. These men are true Americans standing up for America and conservatism that has been lost in this administration. Mr. Tancredo looked so frustrated with nonsense CNNs Wolf Blitzer and team kept bringing up.
The Dems are not satisfied with having their "debate", but their 5th column has to interject their mantra into the Republican time. Keep up the great work.

CNN just like MSNBC is run by a liberal cabal. Tancredo did fairly well despite only being able to chime in a few times and the cheap shots he had to endure once again by McCain. He was right on with his position on limiting legal immigration... we can not continue to absorb more than a million new legal immigrants into this country a year. Tancredo was right on calling out the Bush Adminstration by name for driving this country to the left on domestic issues. From the boondoggle of the prescription drug plan to No Child Left Behind to excessive domestic spending including earmarks to Bush's ill conceived amnesty plan we are in danger of losing America as we know it. Thanks, Tancredo for having the guts to stick with your convictions, integrity and character in the midst of a hostile environment. It's time for all true and real conservatives to wake up and smell the coffee. We are headed down a path of destruction and ruin if we nominate any of the top three tier candidates. Not to mention if a Democrat is elected. Tom Tancredo is one of the few men on that stage last night who will govern with a mind to protect the Constitution and at the same time he will lead with a true conservative agenda. He has my support because out of the few he has been the only one who has had the guts to stand up and continually be consistent in the fight not only against illegals but also employers who welcome them with open arms.

If it wasn't obvious in the debate, it sure was after. CNN has a bias for Rudy G. And, they weren't very subtle about giving little time to any other than their "Big 3". So out of touch with America!

The more I see of CNN, even during a Republican debate, the more I realize why CNN's ratings are in the tank. Wolf Blitzer, CNN and MSNBC are pathetic.

What amused me was the graph at they showed at the end, which showed that people were responding very intensely to the illegal alien problem - I don't call them immigrants.

Blitzer seemed surprised. Why should he be? It's a bigger issue among people right now than Iraq. The people are FED UP and want them gone, as in deported. Will that graph make a difference in questions next debate. Don't bet on it. CNN has its agenda.

Tom and Duncan Hunter are the only ones - don't know much about Gilmore - who are really standing tough on the issue, and every time they spoke out the Kennedy Republicans started copying them.

I'm glad everyone sees this. I've gotten a ton of phone calls and e-mails today.

The Tanc tried to enter almost all the arguments. Those who watched the debate from the live audience could see what the cameras would not.

Totally Agree!!

It was clear that Wolf was bought and paid for just like the "Top 3" -- none of whom have any interest or concern about what the American people think. This is particularly shown by a question on the CNN web poll --"Which candidate was the snappiest dresser?" You've got to be kidding me! We are being invaded by illegal aliens, are involved in a never ending war, etc., etc. and someone at CNN wants to ask about "snappy dressers"!

I love Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo -- they both got the shaft. But somehow, they managed to get their points across. Tom made a really great showing!


In spite of CNN's liberal slant on reserving most of the air time spots for the 3 Stooges(a.k.a. McCain,
Romney & Guiliani), the questions posed to Tanc and his follow-up responses were clear, resolute and agreeable. Tanc is a realist and can see past his nose.
I was much more impressed with him in this debate than previously. I would like to see him challenge the 'stooges' even more and separate himself from the liberal trio disguising themselves as Conservative Republicans. Bravo on the Illegal Immigration issue! Go Tom!
~Five Voters From The West

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