07 June 2007 at 10:30 AM EST

Campaigning at Full Throttle

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The media is saying, due to the new Save America component of this campaign, that Tancredo is scaling back.

Like this Redstate post.

Yes, Congressman Tancredo is planning on going around the country to stop this amnesty bill. However, Unlike McCain and Giuliani said a few days ago about abandoning Iowa -- we are not. Tancredo is still campaigning in Iowa full time. In fact, I'm with him in Iowa for the next 4 days.

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Even if Mr. Tancredo has to step down, he will always be a hero for bringing this issue to the forefront. And others will rise up to carry the issue. Duncan Hunter already has.

Moreover, Mitt Romney is talking the right talk. Of the "Three RINOs", he has the smallest RINO horn, unlike the utterly hopeless John McCain or Rudy "Sanctuary City" Giuliani. Unlike those two, he has no skeletons in his closet either.

But will Romney walk the right walk on immigration? I think yes. He clearly has the brains to understand the realities of our immigration disaster.

The proof of the pudding? It's pretty clear to me that the liberal lamestream media *loathes* Romney with serious hatred, which is a definite plus in his favor.

Why do they despise him so? Well, most importantly, he's the most socially conservative (as far as stated current positions) of leading candidates. There's a small element of additional hatred due to their belief that he doesn't really believe half the stuff he's saying. They don't mind when, say, John "Silky Pony" Edwards clearly panders to the left, but goshdarnint, does it discomfit them when they believe someone is pandering to the right.

So no matter what happens to Tancredo, he is a hero. And he will carry on the fight in Congress. God bless him.

Rasmussen came out with a poll last night showing that the Tanc's campaign is having some positive impact: fully half of Americans would now rather have no bill at all than the Senate amnesty. (Only 23% support it).

(Link: http://rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/support_for_senate_immigration_bill_falls_49_prefer_no_bill_at_all)

Tom Tancredo gives me hope that all is not lost. My husband is overseas fighting for our freedoms (USAF). Thankfully, someone is fighting for them here in the US too.
So many of our politicians have sold us down the river. I was going to quit voting Republican, and start voting 3rd party. Tancredo, has given me hope! If he wins the nomination, I will vote Republican again. Thanks!

I would like to respond to the first comment from Nick: So far anyway, Congressman Tancredo hasn't said anything about abondoning his Presidential bid. It almost seems though that you would like for him to do so, then leaving Mr. Hunter to carry the flag of conservatism. That might work out fine, but I think a much better option would be to have all the true conservatives rally around Congressman Tancredo. By forming a consolidated team of conservatives, we could win the primary and then truly have the best chance at defeating the Democrats in the coming election. As for Govenor Romney, it's true, he is talking the talk right now. But as Govenor he did virtually nothing against illegal immigration. At the end of his Govenorship, and when he knew he was going to run for the Presidency, only then did he pass a conservative bill aimed at illegals. The current Govenor subsequently repealed the bill. I'm convinced Govenor Romney will immediately flip on immigration should he gain the Presidency, much to the disservice of America. Otherwise, I certainly don't hold any hatred for the Govenor, it's just that I don't believe anything he has to say. TANCREDO '08

"It almost seems though that you would like for him to do so, then leaving Mr. Hunter to carry the flag of conservatism."

Honestly, Chris? Yes I do. Not just because I'm from California, either.

Hunter has impressive credentials, has taken concrete measures to stop illegal aliens (literally--a concrete wall in his San Diego district!) and frankly, in the last three debates, Hunter out-Tancredo-ed Tancredo in performance!

Now one can say that the deck was stacked against Tom Tancredo (liberal bias, debate format bias, etc.), but that is no less true for Duncan Hunter.

In any case, Tancredo ought to talk to Hunter and vice versa, and for the good of the illegal alien issue, one ought to step aside and throw support to the other. This issue is TOO IMPORTANT to fall victim to a "too many chiefs, not enough indians" situation.

As for Romney? Of the "Big Two" (formerly Big Three, but McCain is fading fast, thank goodness), Romney is clearly the better one. Not my first preference by a long shot, that would be Hunter, then Tancredo, then Romney in that order. But better Mitt than Rudy the RINO.

Of course, "Fred!" Thompson is the wild card in the deck. But for now I am assuming his cancer has got the best of him.

Nick, Thanks for the reply. I too believe McCain is now a lost cause. I can't vote for Giuliani and I still have a hard time taking Romney seriously. I would agree that a coalition of conservatives coming together on a platform may well be the best option for the Republicans. Maybe hold their own "Second Tier" convention (or just talk to each other as you suggest) and see what they could come up with. Possibly even to the point of agreeing on probable Secretarial appointments. If anything like that comes about, I'm willing to listen. Otherwise, we may well be shut out in the front-loaded Primaries and thus guarantee our defeat. TANCREDO '08

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