30 May 2007 at 7:32 PM EST

The More the Merrier

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Another candidate is on the verge of entering the 2008 presidential race. And -- who knows? -- more may be on the way. Excellent. The other candidates end up lowering each other, but not us. Unlike opponents, Tancredo has a natural constituency in key states (and across the country) because of his stance on some issues (like immigration). The others compete over the same block of voters. This does not mean that Tancredo isn't gaining new support -- he is. But, our supporters are more likely to stay on the ship until it sinks.

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I am a independent from PA, and Mr. Tancredo is the only person from the two major parties that I would vote for.
Everyone that I know is so upset about that Illegal immigration push by the 2 party sytstem, that I think you will see a major weakening of the two major parties (in particular Republicans).

Although there are a large array of very important issues at the feet of the American people, this issue illuminates
how far removed the two parties are from the will of the majority of Americans. In addition it again shows the power of business interests over the rule of law including the document our republic is supposed to respect--the constitution.

I've all but given up on politics and many people of my generation have as well, apathy rules the day, but I see the price we pay for that.

Energy, illegal immigration, and a move away from globalism, to re-localization of production and in particular food will be issues that permeate into 2008 and beyond...

I hope that Mr. Tancredo will capture the votes and enthusiasm of us who have been quiet, apathetic or vote only for 3rd parties.

Check out an article at Renew America (www.renewamerica.us--Alan Keyes' website) for an article on traffic to GOP candidates' websites. This website is second only to John McCain's!

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