15 May 2007 at 10:05 PM EST

The Gloves are OFF!

Posted by Mike Tate in First-In-The-South Presidential Debate | Comments (4) | Permalink

This debate tops the last one. The back and forth between candidates is amazing.

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Looking good, Tom! When they get to you, you're doing great. I'm proud of you. Keep it up.


It was fabulous to see the candidates actually get to DEBATE. Fox News did a terrific job giving exposure to all the candidates and giving them ample time to delineate themselves from one another.

Mr. Tancredo showed his true colors and I am sure he made a great impression on the world tonight.

Great comments re: Just being bombed three times and Tom incredulous at them debating whether or not we should engage in waterboarding. I was cracking up...

Additionally, the road to Damascus vs. the road to Des Moines conversions line was CLASSIC.

Tom, you're a genuine conservative and a great American. Stick with your values -- you're the best.


Tom, Keep up the good work. I feel you have the other candidates running. You are the only canditate that I have given a little money to. It will be you only. You are telling it as is & telling the truth, thanks. In the last few elections I have not voted for a major party. They seem not to tell the truth & that's all I ask. You are the only canidate that I would vote for, in other words you are great & thanks, Dick

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