31 May 2007 at 1:11 PM EST

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Here's a DECENT (if you read the whole thing you'll see why) article from the Chicago Tribune on the Tanc. However, it has some key quotes:

The longer the problem of illegal immigration lingers, the easier it will be for Tancredo to serve as a spoiler in the Republican race as his hard-line stance attracts voters feeling overwhelmed by their changing social landscape, said University of Iowa political science professor Peverill Squire.

"Here in Iowa, things have changed dramatically in the last two decades and it's probably caught a lot of Iowans by surprise," Squire said. "There is a concern among some Iowans that somehow the country is sort of losing a grip on its identity and that things are changing more quickly than people can handle.

"Tancredo talking in a way to suggest that some of these changes can be slowed down or even reversed, for some people, may be comforting," he added.

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