04 May 2007 at 11:18 AM EST

The Aftermath

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I talked with Congressman Tancredo about his thoughts after the debate. Here's the video:

Before I took that video, I was with Tancredo in the spin room:

The Spin Room Picture

One thing certainly happened during this debate that most Americans are now realizing: Tancredo can talk with clarity and authority about issues not even related to immigration.

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There is no issue or problem that isn't negatively impacted by massive population growth. Schools, healthcare, the environment, etc. Nearly every question, including the WoT, can be summed up as "Until we take care of this, whatever else we do will fail".

Tom needs the demographics chart from numbersusa.com.

He needs to look right at Guiliani and say, "Some candidates have built a reputation on the concept that simply enforcing the law leads to order." Then list the murder stats of illegals in LA. And then say, while looking at Guiliani, "Before they were the worst mass murderers in US history, the cowards of 9-11 were just illegal aliens, God bless them".

Romney's schtick is healthcare. Mr. Tancredo should point right to the numbersusa graph, look Romney right in the eye and talk about emergency rooms being shut down because of anchor babies and stab wounds.

McCain is toast. He'll never win over conservatives in South Carolina, regardless of what the poll numbers show now. Rudy and Mitt are the real competition (though it'd be very wise to attack Clinton and Obama), and it would be so easy to fillet those two clowns.

Please Mr Tancredo, stop being congenial. Get the graph from numbersusa.com and use it. People SHOULD be scared, especially Republicans. Why Republicans? Gesellschaft. In a nutshell: more people=bigger government. It's as natural as breathing and empirically true. The very principles which guide the Republican party are in peril of being lost forever.

Come on man! Let's do this thing. I'm behind you 100 percent. I've even emailed nearly every GOP office holder in Iowa and NH explaining gesellschaft and its implications. Though I never mentioned your name, I was emphatic about the point that they should be clear where their candidate stands on death of the GOP as a viable alternative to the Democrat paty.

I agree with the Plumber. In spite of the previous post date of May, 2007, all of us would like to see Tom take back what is his, and claim it, rather than let the others mimic it and hijack it. If it means getting in the faces of the other candidates and explaining that he was first on many of the issues, than so be it.

Come back with a vengeance as was stated in the September, 07 teamtancredo letter.


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