16 May 2007 at 10:46 AM EST

Tancredo the "break-out candidate of the night"

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From National Journal's blog Hotline On Call:

Tom Tancredo had a good night, too, ending the night with a great Jack Bauer line. Maybe -- the break-out candidate of the night.

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I was disappointed that the FAIR AND BALANCED people did not give equal time to the candidates. The questions were too long, which ate up time that we who were hanging on every word could have heard from the candidates.

Congressman Tancredo did not get good questions to help him get his message to the people, but as in the previous debate he had opportunities to show he is not a one string banjo. I thought he did well. Very well. And I loved the Jack Bauer line.

Saying Congressman Tancedo is all about illegal immigration is like saying the Libertarian Party is all about legalizing drugs.

I agree with Barbara,... Tom didn't get a good chance to express his opinions, but he STILL did great in the debate overall,...I just want him to get more chances in the future to bring out the debate on illegal immigration, and put others' feet to the fire!

I Think Tom left them all in his dust !! You are very straight forward and have the charisma. You have my vote all the way.

Tom is was the best man out there. When asked a question, he didn't appear to be checking his notes as to what sort of pat answer he had written down. He gave honest, thoughtful, from the heart answers. This man HAS to be the next president of the United States. I don't have the kind of faith I do I Tom for any of the other guys. Not even close.

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