07 May 2007 at 11:06 AM EST

Tancredo in Arizona on Friday

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Congressman Tancredo was in Arizona on Friday, after the debate, for a campaign rally. Isaac, who traveled with the Congressman to Arizona for the event, told me, "It was awesome. It was inspiring to see that so many people would come to such a remote location to show their support for Tancredo."

Here's a news article about the event last Friday:

Border security is not just about illegal immigration, Tancredo said. It is also a matter of national security.

He told the audience about his trip in 2004 to Beslan, Russia, shortly after Islamic terrorists from Chechnya killed more than 300 people there during a three-day hostage siege at an elementary school. He recalled visiting the school, which was still smoldering after a bomb blast, and seeing townspeople digging hundreds of graves for their dead.

"I tell you this story for a reason," he said. "As I come down here through Sierra Vista toward the border, I am telling you that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that guarantees that the same kind of thing can’t happen here in the United States."

"And why could it happen?" he asked. "Because our borders are not defended."

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There are a lot of Arizonans that are dissatisfied with our Senators, McCain and Kyl, on their direction with immigration reform. I have lived in Arizona for 51 years and have seen the negative impact from the illegal migration from Mexico on our state. Our borders should be protected first before any type of "amnesty program" is even considered for the approximate 21 million illegals that are taking advantage of our country. I'm just one of many concerned Arizona citizens that will take into consideration our Senators positions on this immigration issue next time we vote. Senator Tancredo, thank you for your hard work and for running for President in 2008.

John Riley

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