23 May 2007 at 3:57 PM EST

Tancredo could "put together a breakaway campaign"

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Commentary magazine blogged this:

Though immigration is unlikely to boost a second-tier candidate into the top rank, it might provide the opportunity for an outsider like Tom Tancredo (who has already murmured about running) to put together a breakaway campaign based on his opposition to both abortion and illegal immigration.

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All of the above tied together with his persistence on the issues is really bringing him out of the GOP crowd. It's becoming increasingly obvious that few "republicans" are truly capable of being conservatives. Congressman Tancredo is a rare breed and his qualities are exactly what America could use.

Let's hope their right.

I hope with all of my heart that Tom Tancredo can pull this off.
He is the only politician that I have ever supported, as I think all the rest of them are as crooked as can be.
Tom doesn't seem to waver on any of these critical issues that are facing our country and that may be his strongest asset.... but it may look to others as tho he is in-flexible. (Hard to tell, but his firm stance is one of the things I like best about him.)
I can only hope that we can pull this off.

I have sent funds to help Tom's campaign a couple of times and will probably send as much as I can afford again.
I firmly believe our future hangs in the balance!

Dave Munday
A Proud American Vietnam Vet.

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