03 May 2007 at 10:48 PM EST

Post-Debate Thoughts

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Congressman Tancredo shared with me some of his post debate thoughts. I'm working now on getting the footage up on YouTube.

Post-Debate Thoughts 1
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Congressman Tancredo, Great job at the debate. You nailed the immigration issue... when Chris Matthews asked if any of the other candidates thought differently than your position, there was cold silence. They all knew you were right. Senator McCain did respond somewhat late, and I think rather weak. Otherwise, it appears the folks at MSNBC may be a bit biased in favor of Govenor Romney.

I think Congressman Tancredo did a great job, particularly given the constraints of this debate--10 participants, and three moderators. There just wasn't enough time to really get into the issues, and I HATE soundbite politics. I agree that Romney seemed to be favored. Indeed, Chris Mathews seemed to let a number of candidates drone on, but often cut Congressman Tancredo off. I appreciated the Congressman's mention of the need to get a handle on mandatory spending. My only suggestion for Congressman Tancredo would be to not look down at the end of his responses. A couple of times, I lost the very end of a response. Otherwise, Bravo!

Congressman Tancredo
You were excellent in the debate last night. The obvous effort to marginalize you tells me that the GOP leadership is afraid of you. You should feel encouraged by this. You are definitely the elephant in the room. I support you 100%. Keep on fighting.

It was clear that Chris Mathews kept cutting off Tancredo, and that more questions were directed towards the so-called front runners and the so-called front runners had more time to respond to questions.
More media bias, they don't want a real conservative like Tancredo to get any traction, they'd rather have a neoconservative get the nomination since the neoconservatives are not much different than liberals.
I'm very dissappointed about the debate (not dissappointed at Tancredo) just dissappointed at how the debate was handled.

Mr. Tancredo did a fabulous job and my husband had a chance to tell him in person at tonight's fund raiser in Hereford, AZ.

I suspect that Mr. Tancredo was largely ignored or cut off from further comment by Matthews because the media elite know that if his ideas get "out there" and resonate with the American public, he will bury the rest. The Internet's the way!

You guys should really upload your videos to Qube.com rather than the liberal rag site, YouTube. Or at least be sure to post videos to both sites. :)

What Americans didn't get a chance to see at this lopsided debate was Tom Tancredo shine. I'm also a 100% supporter and at the next debate Tom, please don't hesitate to come out swinging. Americans are angry about the illegal immigration issue.

When the moderator comes out asking stupid questions, Tom might start by saying something like "While this issue is (or may be) important, the illegal immigration is front and center of what will drive American voters to the polls." And continue on from there.

I loved Tom's answer to Matthews' insulting question about who he would vote for. Nice comeback, Tom. Keep getting yourself on FIRE for the cause and don't let any other moderator EVER cut you off again -- just keep on talking to get your VERY important message out to the people.

I look forward to the next debate.

Just win, man, win! Great meeting you at the cookout on the AZ border, and getting my book signed to boot. You're a real human, and someone who doesn't believe in nuance. The public should welcome you with open arms. Let's see if they figure this out on the next go-round.

I agree -- if we are going to beat the media's anointed "frontrunners" the internet has the capacity to do it. Tell all your friends about Tom -- if we care about our security, if we care about America, something needs to be done, and Tom Tancredo's the man of the hour as far as I am concerned.

all of america thought the debates were intentional rigged and sadly the medioacre people were spoken to and made things worse.(McCain and Guiliani)

It's funny that aside from the looney left blogs the issue of illegal immigration frosts Republican, Independant and Democrat voters alike. The politicians are a lost cause. Keep the eye on the prize. Illegal Immingration is a LOSER! Hopefully the next debate won't be aired on a moonbat channel. Tom, nothing would make me happier than seeing you darken the doorstep of the White House.

Congressman Tancredo's greatest moment at the debate was when he said sure, pardon "Scooter" Libby but only if you also pardon the Border Patrol agents, Campeon and Ramos. I just wish more Americans would fully understand that reference and be outraged that such an injustice to two law enforcement officers could happen in this country.

Also, I was just watching "Road to the White House" on c-span which was showing one of the Congressman's speeches up in New Hampshire. It was an informal setting and a college student stepped right up to Mr. Tancredo and accused him of being a racist. The Congressman did not flinch, pull back, or get angry, but just restated his position very civilly.

I am an independent voter and I am really studying the positions of the candidates this time, not just rating their personalities or their smiles. The Congressman has a very cogent summary of his positions on this site, and I find myself agreeing with his stands.

Congressman Tancredo

Bay Buchanan should have warned you about Chris Matthews and how he would try to marginalize your response with vague or loaded questions! This guy is a Tip O'neill democrat and a hack for the DNC. You are in the big leagues now and your responses should be nothing but blunt and straight to the point where the viewer will REMEMBER what you said. On your Iraq question you seemed hesitant/nervous and you need to speak from the heart and let it out - "Iraq = we are not winning, and we are not fighting to win, so we need to fight to win and stop using complicated rules of engagement policies and stop the prosecution of U.S. troops based on the words of the Iraqis, similar to the border agents situation."

Tom, I know you are the most conservative and most feared by the liberals, but you need to come out swingin' and say it like you mean it!

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