15 May 2007 at 11:26 PM EST

Post-Debate Spin Room

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Here are some pictures from the spin room. The spin room is the place where candidates go after the debate to talk with the media. And A LOT of media wanted to talk with Congressman Tancredo. Around 11:10 PM tonight, Tancredo was on Hannity and Colmes.

South Carolina Spin Room 3 South Carolina Spin Room 4 South Carolina Spin Room 5

Also, I've got some footage that I'm going to be putting up later.

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Out of the ten men on that stage last night, Tom Tancredo was the only one with any cajones! His answers were dead on! I not only loved his comments about illegal immigration (limited), but he sure nailed it on global warming and national security, too. If I were the Simon Cowell for that debate, I certainly would declare him the winner -- hands down!

Kudos to Congressman Tacredo for a strong showing in the debate last night. He really had the Amnesty crowd squirming. I was pleased to see him get some quality face time with Hannity after the debate. Keeping his message in front of the public is key. I have signed the Social Security Petition and am sending another campaign contribution. Keep up the good work Congressman.

Tom Tancredo is the no-holds-barred "Jack Bauer"-type candidate we need! We have needed someone as outspoken and ready to mix it up for a long time, now we have him!
Run, Tom, run!

Sending in a contribution now!

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