May 2007

31 May 2007 at 2:47 PM EST

The Immigration Irony

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Victor Davis Hanson once again nails it:

There is a final irony. The more Western elites ignore their own laws, allow unassimilated ethnic ghettos and profit from an exploitive labor market, the more their own nations will begin to resemble the very places immigrants fled from.

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31 May 2007 at 1:11 PM EST

The Foundation

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Here's a DECENT (if you read the whole thing you'll see why) article from the Chicago Tribune on the Tanc. However, it has some key quotes:

The longer the problem of illegal immigration lingers, the easier it will be for Tancredo to serve as a spoiler in the Republican race as his hard-line stance attracts voters feeling overwhelmed by their changing social landscape, said University of Iowa political science professor Peverill Squire.

"Here in Iowa, things have changed dramatically in the last two decades and it's probably caught a lot of Iowans by surprise," Squire said. "There is a concern among some Iowans that somehow the country is sort of losing a grip on its identity and that things are changing more quickly than people can handle.

"Tancredo talking in a way to suggest that some of these changes can be slowed down or even reversed, for some people, may be comforting," he added.

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31 May 2007 at 12:49 PM EST

Live Blogging the New Hampshire Debate

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Next week, I'm flying into Boston and then driving to Manchester. This is the third Republican pre-primary debate. Here's some background on it:

Tuesday, June 5: The Union Leader, CNN and WMUR hold a Republican presidential debate at Saint Anselm College in Manchester. The two-hour debate begins at 7 p.m.

If you're in the area, make sure to stop by the debate party. Information on it found HERE.

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30 May 2007 at 7:32 PM EST

The More the Merrier

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Another candidate is on the verge of entering the 2008 presidential race. And -- who knows? -- more may be on the way. Excellent. The other candidates end up lowering each other, but not us. Unlike opponents, Tancredo has a natural constituency in key states (and across the country) because of his stance on some issues (like immigration). The others compete over the same block of voters. This does not mean that Tancredo isn't gaining new support -- he is. But, our supporters are more likely to stay on the ship until it sinks.

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30 May 2007 at 1:10 PM EST

The Polls are Wrong

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Editorial in today's Washington Times:

careful reading of some of the questions highlighted by the newspaper suggests they were skewed. Poll question No. 1 asks: "Would you favor or oppose a guest worker program?" Sixty-six percent of Americans said yes. But what exactly does this mean? The question only mentions a "guest worker program." But it is unclear whether the respondents even know what a guest-worker program is, or whether they knew that the beneficiaries of such a program include millions of illegal aliens. Would Americans have voted by more than two to one in favor of in favor of a question framed as follows: "Would you favor or oppose a guest-worker program that would benefit illegal immigrants?" We wonder.

Real polls show that the majority of Americans demand increased border security and less illegal immigration. Like these poll results from Rasmussen Reports:

If voters had a chance to improve the legislation, 75% would "make changes to increase border security measures and reduce illegal immigration." Just 29% would" make it easier for illegal immigrants to stay in the country and eventually become citizens."

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Seventy-two percent (72%) of voters believe it is Very Important for "the government to improve its enforcement of the borders and reduce illegal immigration."

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30 May 2007 at 12:54 PM EST

European Example

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Yesterday, Stanley Kurtz at National Review Online wrote a lengthy article about immigration lessons from Europe. Here's a highlight:

Let’s take a moment to focus on what’s positive in the latest immigration proposal...from Norway, that is. (Sorry, nothing much worthwhile in the American bill.) It turns out that Conservative-party politicians in Oslo are calling for a moratorium on immigrant-family reunification. (Norway’s Conservative party is fiscally conservative but socially liberal, so this is a novel development.) Oslo city council leader Erling Lae argues that out-of-control family reunification is the most important cause of unemployment, income disparities, and lack of assimilation in Norway’s capital.

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29 May 2007 at 10:43 AM EST

Tanc the Trend-setter

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Brownback has slammed on the brakes and started to reverse:

In a speech on the Senate floor on Wednesday, he lamented the growing number of illegal immigrants in the nation, saying it's tripled to 12 million from 4 million in 1987. "Some people think that the solution is to grant undocumented immigrants amnesty . . . but that won't work," Brownback said.

This cheap political tactic won't work. Tanc calls him out:

Last year, Tancredo called Brownback "an extreme opponent of getting tough on illegal immigration." At the debate, he said the bill co-sponsored by Brownback and McCain "would have given amnesty to everybody who's here illegally," and he got laughs when he said he was glad to see the conversions but that he would trust them only "when they happen on the road to Damascus and not on the road to Des Moines."

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29 May 2007 at 10:17 AM EST

Rolling with the Tanc

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Cyclone Conservatives loves the video of Congressman Tancredo driving while talking about the new immigration legislation. I decided to film the video in the car because we were short on time.

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29 May 2007 at 9:59 AM EST

Tancredo's Take Round 2 - Question 2

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It's about Second Amendment rights.

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27 May 2007 at 11:41 PM EST

Immigration Hot in Iowa

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Today, from the Des Moines Register:

"I have never seen an issue that has generated as many phone calls, and not one of them positive," said Rep. Tom Latham, a Republican, whose district includes Marshalltown, where a Swift & Co. meatpacking plant was raided last December by immigration enforcement officers.

Sen. Charles Grassley, a Republican, said that the mood in his Iowa town meetings has grown very negative when the subject gets around to the estimated 12 million immigrants living in the United States after entering the country illegally.

When this campaign started, a lot of people said Congressman Tancredo couldn't run realistically with immigration as the core of its platform. Well, news flash: Immigration is hot in Iowa. Immigration is one of the top issues in Iowa. And when it comes to immigration Tancredo commands it.

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