03 May 2007 at 8:22 PM EST


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Of course, McCain would give a quick response... because Congressman Tancredo owns the immigration issue among the GOP base.

*** post-debate transcript insertion ***

MR. VANDERHEI: Thanks, Chris.

Senator McCain, Sarah (sp) from Arlington, Virginia, wants to know if you would comfortable with Tom Tancredo, a staunch opponent of illegal immigration, as head of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. (Laughter.)

MR./SEN./REP. : I know what Tom Tancredo -- (off mike). (Laughter.)

SEN. MCCAIN: In a word, no. (Laughter.)

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Congressman Tancredo's statements regarding standing on principle... Simply outstanding!! TOM ROCKS!!!!

NOT ONE DISAGREEMENT with TOM on illegal immigration!!! The question was asked and NO ONE responded. Never have they taken the Tancredo stance, but they know TOM IS RIGHT!!!! Senator McCain's late response pointed to a path of NOT supporting immigration law. In my view, Tom won this one out right.

Congressman Tancredo is going last on all the questions and yet winning the arguments. Even on the tax and spending point, he was the only one to state the true problem (mandatory spending) and that only by dealing with that concern will we have any hope of reducing the deficit. Again, Tom is right.

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