15 May 2007 at 11:37 PM EST

Headin' Back

Posted by Mike Tate in First-In-The-South Presidential Debate | Comments (2) | Permalink

I've left the Koger Center and I'm headed back to the hotel. I've got a lot of photos and footage which I'll put on the blog as soon as possible.

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I thought Tancredo did an excellent job in the debate tonight. Great stance on virtually all the major issues, especially immigration and national security. I especially liked the "Jack Bauer" comment towards the end.

I was impressed by Tom Tancredo's comments in the debate and in the after-debate interview with Hannity & Colmes. Today, sadly, all that the media can talk about are the top-tier candidates. What will it take for them to recognize that there are better candidates than those in the top tier. I guess money is the determining factor for the media, not the quality of the candidate. I don't like any of the top-tier candidates.

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