15 May 2007 at 10:12 PM EST

Global Warming and National Security

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He dominated this question. And, yet again, our response sizzles viewers' minds while the commercials play.

*** post-debate transcript insertion ***

MR. GOLER: Thanks.

Congressman Tancredo, the ambassador from the European Union says the United States and Europe bear a special responsibility for global warming because the greenhouse gases causing the problem have been put there since the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s. We put most of the stuff up there. Do you agree? And what should we do to deal with the problem, sir?

REP. TANCREDO: Okay. First of all, the whole issue of global warming, for every single scientist that tells you it's happening and that it's our fault -- and they'll stack up to here in this reports -- I can stack up another group of reports that say just the opposite.

I don't believe that -- well, I'll tell you this, I don't know whether or not we are responsible, we the human race, are responsible for global warming.

It certainly could be happening, it certainly could be a natural phenomenon. If it's the latter, of course there isn't much we can do about that. If it's the former, there is something that we can do about it, and I'm all for it, and that is of course to reduce our dependence on petroleum products. If we do that, we automatically reduce the carbon emissions that people claim are causing global warming. And I'm all for doing that, because -- I'll tell you why. It's a national security issue. It just isn't an issue of fight over the science of global warming; it's a national security issue for us to move away from the use of petroleum products when they're coming from countries that want to kill us.

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This debate seems a bit more balanced. Tom is getting his points across and we're seeing some decent applause... EXCELLENT!!

As a meteorologist, I believe Tom Tancredo answered the "global warming" question very well as a lay person. I personally have read many papers and heard people speak on this issue and he is exactly right the scientific community is evenly divided on this issue if it is a natural cycle or caused by humans. I believe he did the best answering the tough questions overall and I appreciate his strong conservative stance. Great job!

Congressman Tancredo put the issue of global warming in the proper light. It's only a theory until it's a proven fact. Consensus is not the way of science.

Reliance on foreign oil not only threatens our national security but, as Tom indicated, we're buying from those trying to kill us, thus funding the terrorists.

Next time around he should not offer ethyl alcohol and other supposed sources of energy to offset the CO2 in the atmosphere. Challenge the premise. When the premise has no substance don't get drawn into a bad answer.

Besides, if all the corn fields were producing it would only amount to 12% of America's needs, and it is a poor fuel to boot.

There is plenty of oil in the pipeline. It just isn't our oil. We should drill in Alaska and off shore in the Gulf of Mexico and anywhere else to make us self reliant.

Our problem is refineries. High gas prices are the deliberate manipulation by big oil. We lack refineries and it's not coincidence that Big Oil is shutting down some for "maintenance" to drive gas prices higher.

Big oil practices demurrage religiously. You have heard of demurrage. Delay of cargo.

This is simply buying up every drop of oil when it's cheap and filling every land based oil bunker and every available oil tanker around the world, and holding this cheap oil until OPEC raises oil prices. Then, instead of buying expensive oil from OPEC, the oil companies refine the cheap oil and sell us expensive gasoline.

OPEC's oil sales drop off during this period because big oil isn't buying their product and by the time we're running out of cheap oil, OPEC drops their price to bolster low revenues and big oil starts the cycle all over again.

The other problem with oil prices is some states are on special blends which accomplishes nothing except higher prices. Standardize one national blend. The engines today compensate for poor fuel, air mixture, ignition and valve timing so even a BMW, requiring high octane, runs fine on low octane.

California, the most disingenuous state regarding protecting the environment, has a special summer and winter blend and Ms. Pelosi, Ms Feinstein, and Ms. Boxer allow the oil refineries in California to gouge us at the pumps.

All the while their environmental backers refuse to recognize that California's air pollution is from Communist Red China.

It simply blows across the sea and backs up against the Sierras.

I can't help but wonder what reaction Tom would have elicited if he asked the audience what the price of gas would be if 20 million illegals, who consume it to drive around America illegally, unlicensed, unregistered, and uninsured, just lost their jobs and left the country.

Congressman Tancredo was the only one up there who hasn't bounced around on any of the issues.

His one-on-one with Hannity and Colmes also gave me pause regarding his "troop disengagement".

I served 20 years in the Infantry, Airborne Rangers, and the Army never had a good solution to warfare-in built-up-areas let alone sectarian violence.

The military isn't over there to create a democracy regardless of what President Bush tries to feed the public. One year in Saudi Arabia showed me these folks do not approach life the way we Westerners do.

Next time Tom has to explain his "troop disengagement" he needs to remind people that Europeans did it all the time when attacking a strong hold.

It's called "Siege Warfare". When you stop everything going in, shut down all communications, no medicine, no journalists, no microwave towers, no cell phone reception, no food, no water, and let the sectarian terrorists deal with each other, you will not have anymore American deaths.

Support the Iraqi troops. Cordon off the hot spot with a big perimeter out of 120 mm mortar range, manned by coalition troops. Allow the professed non-combatants, children, women, the elderly and sick to leave via several check points.

Let the Iraqi Army use their Sunni check point to expose the Shia'a terrorists and their contraband. At the next check point have the Iraqi Army use their Shia'as to expose the Sunni terrorists.

The last check point is Coalition . The true noncombatants get sent to a relocation center run by the UN and overseen by Jimmy Carter. ( JOKE)

The exposed terrorists go to a POW camp.

It's a waiting game but only lethal to the Islamic terrorists.

Let the Iraqi troops go in to the city to conduct mop up. It's their country.

One last cynical observation. The US should take over the oil fields in the South to keep them from being captured by the Shia'a from Iran and pump and sell this oil to raise monies to reimburse the American treasury and pay large insurance sums to the families of our dead and maimed soldiers. Including the Coalition.

Amen Don! You said it all!

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