03 May 2007 at 8:49 PM EST

Conservatives can Win

Posted by Mike Tate in Simi Valley: The First Debate of 2008 | Comments (1) | Permalink

Nice job! We're back in the game. Congressman Tancredo just hit a home run.

*** post-debate transcript insertion ***

REP. TANCREDO: Yeah, well, they are not unique to the Republican Party. These are failures by individuals, and it's important to understand that. And they should, of course, be dealt with.

Let me also, please -- because I haven't had enough opportunity -- I shouldn't say enough, but certainly an opportunity to address some of these other issues, especially with regard to whether or not it has be a centrist who wins the presidency of the United States. Look, we're standing in a place dedicated to a man who we would not call a centrist who was able to win this state. He was also able to win the presidency twice. Why? Because he believed in principles, he articulated them, and he put them into effect. He had heart. We know it, we saw it. The American people saw it, and they respected that.

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I agree that this was one of Tancredo's highlights for the evening. I also felt that the debate was an utter joke in the way it was run, moderated, filmed, set up. The questions were mostly ridiculous agitprop, no-brainers, or attempts to set one candidate against each other. I really hope that the next one is more professional.

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