14 May 2007 at 10:07 AM EST

Atlas Shrugs Interviews Tancredo

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The popular libertarian blog Atlas Shrugs got a chance to interview Congressman Tancredo. Here's a short snip it:

Atlas: How would you confront the threat of Radical Islam (Islamism) here in America and abroad?

TANCREDO: Homeland security plans which do not include enforcing our immigration laws and securing our borders are entirely inadequate. A CIS study of 94 terrorists prosecuted for their crimes in the U.S., found that nearly two thirds had committed immigration fraud. It is difficult then to justify the rigor, expense, and inconvenience of new safety measures at our airports and harbors, while leaving the door open for terrorists to slip across our southern border undetected.

Atlas: Taxes?

TANCREDO: A growing chorus of economists and experts argue, and I agree, that the current income tax system is complex and unfair and should be replaced by a flat tax or national sales tax. Simplifying the process would dramatically reduce the costs of compliance, make American companies more competitive, and put billions back into the economy by encouraging investment.

Read the full thing HERE.

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Strong borders... a new roll in Iraq... and now a flat tax! I'm liking this candidate more and more every day.

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