29 April 2007 at 9:46 PM EST

Watching and Waiting

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This article is a few weeks old from Newsweek, but it's a good article nonetheless:

Last year’s giant immigrant rallies culminated in a May 1 boycott as an estimated 1 million protesters marched peacefully in two dozen cities from Boston to Los Angeles. Now, organizers plan to do it again. Dubbed The Great American Boycott II and timed again to coincide with Labor’s traditional May Day celebration, leaders want immigrants to flex their economic muscles by abstaining from purchases, skipping school and attending mass rallies in cities from New York and Chicago to San Antonio.

Let's see if it's exactly the way described here:

NEWSWEEK: What is planned for May 1?

Javier Rodriguez: We expect a national boycott that will be several times bigger than last year in its size, effectiveness and also in its political message. Easily, there will be over 100 cities that will be boycotting and/or marching throughout the country—primarily, the major cities and regions where the immigrant has staked his ground … California, Texas, Arizona, New York, Rhode Island, Illinois and elsewhere. I expect millions will participate.

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Remind me to do my shopping on that day. Last time, the streets were unclogged and it was a genuine pleasure to drive into the city and enjoy dinner.

I also heard from a elementary school principle friend that there was a collective sigh of relief from his teachers when the illegals kept their children home for the day last year.

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