30 April 2007 at 10:31 PM EST

The Immigration Flip

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An editorial in today's New York Times surveys the other Republican candidates' switching their immigration position:

Of all the retreats, the most disheartening may be Mr. McCain’s. This former straight talker once lent his name to the most promising immigration bill in Congress. But as Senator Kennedy has struggled to draft a compromise this year, his former partner has been trumpeting border security on the campaign trail and letting momentum for comprehensive reform stall in Washington.

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I spend the hours between 2a.m. and 6 a.m. on cable network news, all channels and this is what I am seeing:
Every major news network is focused on the 2008 election and the candidates. Immigration is a non-issue with the candidates as well as news networks.
I have questions:
1. Why are the 2008 candidates running on a NO AMNESTY platform not courting the 100 plus groups organized to fight illegal immigration?

2. Why are no amnesty organizations backing them or choosing their own candidate for president?
I see choosing a candidate of our own as a way to consolidate our power and force the other candidates to address the issue.

A new and interesting concept is being used by UNITY08 and could be a model for us.

Mary Chamberlain - Geniology@bellsouth.net

I guess I'm not surprised the NYT would be disappointed about McCain's "retreat," no matter how illusory or politically-motivated it may be. At least they're intellectually honest enough to acknowledge that border security is logically incompatible with amnesty.

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