10 September 2007 at 4:35 PM EST

Tancredo Statement on Iraq Report from Gen. Petraeus

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“I am pleased that General Petraeus has indicated progress on the security situation in Iraq, and that this progress will allow us to begin disengaging from our lead role without withdrawing.”

“The General pointed out that our relationship to Iraqi institutions and their effectiveness, particularly the Iraqi military, are improving, and I remain hopeful that this trend will continue, allowing the Iraqi’s to assume responsibility for security in all of Iraq’s provinces by the November benchmark identified by President Bush in his State of the Union speech earlier this year.”

Concerning attempts by MoveOn.org to discredit General Petraeus:

“What was perhaps most disturbing throughout this entire ordeal has been the overt desire by the left and groups like MoveOn.org to do all that they can to assure the failure of the U.S. mission abroad,” said Tancredo.  “After watching the circus atmosphere these groups attempted to create during today’s hearings, it is clear to me that for many on the left, the commitment to a radical political agenda supersedes any interest in the well being of the country.”

In response to Iraqi refugees entering the U.S.:

“I found it confusing that some in the administration seem uninterested in recognizing the security progress General Petraeus identified during today’s hearing, arguing that the U.S. should accept an increasing number of Iraqi refugees.”

“What’s worse, their effort to admit these refugees is just the latest example of the State Department’s refusal to comply with a federal law that directs the government to stop issuing visas to countries who refuse to cooperate with the U.S. when we try to deport their citizens back to their home country – something that the Iraqi government has done with impunity since assuming sovereignty.”

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If this lesson on history is not enough to convince everyone that Ron Paul is wrong on the war against Islamic terrorists, I don't know what is:


Ron Paul talks about our policies in the Middle East and what the CIA calls "blow back." It's very apparent that our founders DID believe in foreign intervention because these pirates (who were largely Islamic) were terrorizing our merchant ships.

Yet again, Tancredo is the only candidate bold enough to state the full truth on this issue. Maybe Ron Paul should re-read history and try and learn something from the words of Tancredo?!

Well said....
I keep seeing Ron Paul supporters, trying their best to latch on to Tom Tancredo. Tom Loves and will DEFEND this country against the enemy within and the enemy outside, our borders. He makes it clear, he knows the enemy is Islamo Facist.

Mr. Tancredo, please attend the WND debate hosted by Mr. Farah of World Net Daily. We need more press for you! You are the only candidate who will see this country through the tough times we are facing.

We don't need "media candidates" who spout platitudes, we need you because you stand firm, acknowledge what we face, and propose how we face it so we come out ahead- no matter what the issue!

We don't need friends of the NAU, we don't need people who will appease terrorists and illegals, and pander to globalists and socialists... I honestly believe that if you are not elected, the freedoms of citizens will continue to erode until America is no longer America.

I do not want another president who will welcome in criminals and terrorists. I do not want another president who will allow traitors to hold a victory parade aroudn ground zero and open radical islamic schools and camps on our soil.

This country needs you as president and nobody else will do.

PS- you need to team up with Newt Gingrich. I think then, between the two of you, you really would take the White House and save this country!

Also, please offer more bumper stickers than just the amnesty one. :-)

AMEN -Chris

I wish these people, who support Gingrich, would stop asking Tancredo to team up with him. Gingrich is another CFR globalist. Tancredo doesn't need to be teaming up with a man like that. As brilliant as I think Gingrich is, he is not so patriotic as he purports to be. He's also an immoral man and Tancredo doesn't need to be associating with him in a campaign.

I don't agree with the PS part ...Newt is a Globalist

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